Does Your Toyota Car Need New Headlights?

2021 Toyota Venza | Woodbridge, VA

How do you tell if your car needs new headlights? It’s not as simple as putting it in park, turning on the lights, walking around the vehicle for a visual assessment (though that’s still helpful). Below, you’ll find some helpful tips that can help you decide if your car needs new headlights.

Dim Headlights

If you notice your headlights are dim, it might not be an issue with the bulb. It’s possible the headlight cover is dirty and preventing light from properly passing through. Take a few minutes to thoroughly clean the headlight cover and check if the lights are still dim. If it persists, it may be time to search for a replacement.

Flickering Headlights

A flickering headlight is often a sign that the filament in the bulb has become damaged or excessively worn, and is on the cusp of burning out. It could also be a sign of a faulty connection. Whatever the cause, if you notice that your headlights are flickering, you should bring your car in for maintenance.

Headlight Age

The expected lifespan of a headlight depends on its type. Halogen bulbs have the lowest lifespan — only between 500 to 1,000 hours. LED bulbs have the best lifespan at around 30,000 hours. Knowing what type of headlight your car uses can give you a better sense of when to look out for issues.

If you have concerns about headlight visibility, visit Lustine Toyota in Woodbridge, Virginia. Our factory-trained technicians can inspect your lights and ensure they are up to snuff.

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