Tips for Choosing a Driving School

Tips for Choosing a Driving School | Woodbridge, VA

Whether you’re looking to sharpen your driving skills or help your teenager build a solid foundation for their driving, there are driving schools that can meet your needs. But how do you choose the right one? There’s no federal agency that oversees driving schools, which means they can differ significantly from one place to another.

Check out the curriculum

Some states have mandated curriculums. Those that don’t may still have curriculums approved by the American Safety Council or National Safety Council. Whatever the curriculum, make sure it meets your standards.

Visit the classroom

For in-person driving schools, it can pay off to check out what their location is like. Are they using old textbooks and equipment? Do they have simulators and, if so, are they in good condition? How long has the driving school been in business?

Take a look at the cars

The cars used by a driving school can tell you a lot about the school itself. Are they properly marked as student-driver vehicles? Have they hit a lot of curbs? Does the driving school have liability insurance?

Talk to the instructors

Instructors should do more than simply pass information along. For your teenage driver, they need to be good role models and lead by example while in the car. Find out how long they’ve been doing the job and whether they are certified to teach.

Choosing a driving school can take some time if you have many to choose from. Fortunately, choosing a car is a lot easier when you live near Woodbridge, Virginia — just head on to Lustine Toyota!

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