Toyota Sequoia SUV Recognized for Most Cargo Space in 2021

2021 Toyota Sequoia Interior | Woodbridge, VA

One of the main reasons to buy an SUV is the space. But not all SUVs are created equal. U.S. News & World Report compared every SUV that launched in 2021 to find those that offered the most cargo space, and one of them was the Toyota Sequoia — and it wasn’t just the cargo space that U.S. News praised.

Ride Comfortably

“Up to eight people can ride comfortably in the Sequoia because its third-row — unlike that in many competitors — has plenty of head- and legroom,” wrote Martin A Davis Jr, contributing journalist for U.S. News.

Plenty of Cargo Space

That spacious third-row means that with all of the seats up, the Sequoia offers a modest 18.9 cubic feet of space for cargo. But folded, that grows to an impressive 66.6 cubic feet. And if you fold the second-row too, the Sequoia’s trunk becomes a voluminous 120-cubic-foot cargo hold. You can pack all sorts of camping gear, construction materials, or enough groceries to feed a family of seven for a whole month. And if you don’t need that third row, it’s easy to just leave it folded permanently and enjoy more cargo space than most SUVs have to offer.

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