Lustine for Life Warranty Provides Lasting Peace of Mind

Service at Lustine Toyota

When you shop at Lustine Toyota, you’re not just buying a car. Our unique Lustine for Life Limited Lifetime Powertrain Warranty provides long-lasting peace of mind. The best part? It comes with every new vehicle purchased at Lustine Toyota.

What the Lustine for Life warranty covers

Lustine Toyota is so confident in the quality of its vehicles that it will cover repairs for virtually all OEM powertrain parts including the engine, automatic and manual transmission systems, and drivelines (both front- and rear-wheel drive).

The warranty continues to apply even after your Toyota-backed factory warranty expires. And if a warranty-covered part fails while you are within 40 miles of our dealership in Woodbridge, Virginia, Lustine for Life will also cover up to $100 in towing expenses!

Criteria for Lustine for Life

If you purchased a vehicle from Lustine Toyota and are wondering whether it qualifies for the Lustine for Life Limited Lifetime Powertrain Warranty, the answer is: probably! Lustine for Life is included with every new vehicle purchased at our dealership as well as with every used vehicle that is less than 10 years old, has fewer than 80,000 miles on the odometer, and passes an inspection. That’s right — even used vehicles are covered!

Visit Lustine Toyota in Woodbridge, Virginia, to purchase your next vehicle and take advantage of the amazing Lustine for Life program!

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