Toyota Launches All-New bZ4X Electric SUV

Toyota Launches All-New bZ4X Electric SUV | Woodbridge, VA

After a long wait, Toyota’s first all-electric SUV is finally here. The bZ4X is now available at dealerships and comes with an EPA-estimated range of 252 miles per charge.[1] According to the EPA, that should save you about $5,000 on fuel over five years.

The all-new SUV is also offered with optional solar panels that can extend its range by an additional 1,000 miles per year. When hooked to a DC fast charger, it regains 80 percent of its charge in just under an hour. Customers get a full year of unlimited complimentary charging at EVgo, America’s largest public EV fast charging network.

With a standard Level 2 charger that you can install at home, the bZ4X charges from low to full in about nine hours, making it well-suited to the vast majority of drivers who do not need to drive more than 252 miles per day.

The bZ4X is just the first all-electric Toyota on the block. Toyota plans to expand its lineup to include 70 electrified models globally by 2025, including 15 dedicated battery-electric vehicles and seven that will use the new bZ branding (which stands for Beyond Zero).

Become part of the future by getting your hands on a bZ4X SUV at Lustine Toyota in Woodbridge, Virginia. Contact our dealership for availability and pricing details.

[1] EPA-estimated 252-mile total driving range rating for 2023 bZ4X XLE FWD; 242-mile total driving range rating for 2023 bZ4X Limited FWD; 228-mile total driving range rating for 2023 bZ4X XLE AWD; and 222-mile total driving range rating for 2023 bZ4X Limited AWD total driving range for when vehicle is fully charged and operated under ideal driving conditions. Use for comparison purposes only. Actual range may decrease significantly depending on speed, outside temperature, accessory use, how/where you drive, charging habits, and other factors. Battery capacity also decreases with time and use, which will reduce range. See and Owner’s Manual for details.

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