Toyota and Amazon Join Forces to Create a Cloud-Based Data Solution

Toyota & Amazon Join Forces | Woodbridge, VA

Many newer Toyota vehicles include Amazon Alexa compatibility as part of their infotainment offerings. However, that’s not the only way Toyota and Amazon work together to provide a better experience for drivers. The two companies are banding together to make a cloud-based platform that will manage the data from the world-wide Toyota vehicle fleet.

It may come as a surprise, but there’s a lot more to Amazon than just delivering packages at lightning-fast speeds. The company is also known for Amazon Web Services, a product that offers platforms for on-demand cloud computing to individuals, governments, companies, and APIs.

Now Toyota is taking advantage of this service as well. Its unique solution will be called the Mobility Services Platform. With the help of MSP, Toyota will be able to analyze data and use it to help create services like ride sharing. The data can also be used to dispatch emergency services, improve customer support, and even lower insurance premiums for those who participate in Toyota’s insurance discount program.

Working with Amazon to create MSP is an essential step for Toyota towards its goal to become a CASE (Connected, Autonomous, Shared and Electric) mobility service provider. As a CASE mobility service provider, Toyota will provide mobility solutions for people beyond just building excellent, traditional cars.

While we’re not sure when the MSP will launch, you can rest assured that all of us at Lustine Toyota are excited to see how we can use it to make your buying and owning experience better than ever.

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