Want a Long-Lasting Car? Consider a Toyota Hybrid

Toyota Hybrid Badge | Woodbridge, VA

If you want a vehicle that will have your back for years to come, you should seriously consider buying a Toyota hybrid. According to recent research by iSeeCars.com, people who buy Toyota hybrid vehicles keep them longer than owners of any other type of car.

In the study, iSeeCars looked at model years 2012 and 2013. Of the top 10 vehicles with the most satisfied owners, five of them were Toyota models, and four of those were hybrids. The rankings included the Toyota Highlander Hybrid in first, the Toyota Avalon Hybrid in second, the Toyota Camry Hybrid in third, the Toyota Land Cruiser in fifth, and the Toyota Prius in tenth. The rankings also included the Toyota-made Lexus ES 300h — a luxury hybrid version of the Toyota Highlander — in eighth.

The average percentage of vehicles kept by their original owners was 16.8 percent. For these Toyota models, they were all above 30 percent, with the Highlander Hybrid maxing out at 38 percent.

So, why are hybrid owners more willing to keep their vehicles? According to Karl Brauer, executive analyst for iSeeCars, “Hybrid vehicles attract practical and eco-minded drivers, who are willing to spend extra money upfront to invest in vehicles that are better for the environment.”

The numbers don’t lie, and it’s abundantly clear that Toyota’s lineup of hybrid vehicles outlasts the competition. Learn more about all of the exceptional models on offer when you check out our online inventory at Lustine Toyota.

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