The Importance of a Routine Maintenance Schedule

Routine Maintenance | Woodbridge, VA

A reliable vehicle is key to managing the ever-changing demands of family life, and paying for costly repairs is the last thing you need. One of the simplest ways to ensure your car runs smoothly for years is sticking to a routine maintenance schedule.

All vehicles deteriorate over time—even if they’re as reliable as the ones Toyota builds. By following a maintenance routine, you can slow the inevitable march of time and avoid more serious repairs. Failing to change your engine oil on time can lead to costly — and potentially dangerous — problems. The same goes for tire rotations, filter swaps, fluid flushes, and brake inspections.

Since the experts at Lustine Toyota have been specially trained to know your vehicle inside and out, they can use something as simple as an oil change to see if there’s an issue you haven’t noticed yet and correct it before it gets worse.

Routine maintenance also keeps you in compliance with the factory warranty and ensures you’ll still be covered if you need to make a claim.

Contact the certified technicians at Lustine Toyota to schedule your next service appointment.

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