Hidden Signs That Your Car Is Due for Service

Toyota Maintenance & Service | Woodbridge, VA

Although some vehicle problems are hard to ignore, some symptoms can fly under the radar. Here’s a guide to some hidden signs that your car is due for service.

Unusual sounds

If your car is making grinding or squealing noises, it’s time to schedule a service appointment to have your brake pads or shoes checked. Snapping or clicking noises when you steer mean that you should have your car’s front axle inspected, and if there are banging sounds from under the hood, it’s possible that your car has an engine issue that should be remedied by a professional as soon as possible.

Weird smells

Musty, mildew scents in your car usually come from a faulty air conditioner, while rotten-egg smells typically indicate a bad catalytic converter. If you smell exhaust in the cabin, your car could have a serious issue. Since exhaust is poisonous to breathe, ventilate your vehicle and take it in for immediate service.


If your car is slow to start up after you turn the key or push the button, it could point to an issue with a variety of components, including the battery, fuel pump, spark plugs, starter, fuel filter, or alternator. A technician can pinpoint the exact cause and fix it.

Is your Toyota showing any of these subtle signs? Bring it to the Lustine Toyota service center in Woodbridge, Virginia, for maintenance. Our factory-certified technicians will be happy to help you get your vehicle up and running again.

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