How to Prepare Your Toyota Car for Winter

2021 Toyota Camry | Woodbridge, VA

Winter is one of the most important seasons when it comes to car maintenance. The tips below will help you prepare your car for winter so that it remains as safe to drive as possible.

Consider Winter Tires

Tires are arguably the most important part of your car. In colder temperatures, the rubber compound of summer and even all-season tires becomes stiff, leading to significantly less grip. Winter tires have special rubber and grooves designed to handle winter temperatures as well as snow and ice.

Get Your Brakes Inspected

Brakes experience more stress in winter than during any other season. Moisture from slushy roads, combined with salt, can create rust spots on your rotors. It’s critical to have your brakes inspected before winter starts, and perhaps another time mid-season, to ensure your car has the stopping power you need to stay safe.

Upgrade Your Windshield Wiper System

Every driver has experienced the displeasure of using their windshield wipers in the winter, only for them to do very little. Getting new wipers as well as special winter washer fluid that doesn’t freeze in cold weather can help alleviate those problems and thus improve visibility behind the wheel.

To ensure your car is in the best possible condition for winter, schedule a service appointment at Lustine Toyota in Woodbridge, Virginia!

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