What to Look for in a Good Wet-Weather Tire

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As we roll into spring here in Virginia, we’ll probably start to get a lot more rain. Sure, it will bring blooming flowers and green trees, but it will also lead to slick, potentially treacherous roads. One of the best ways to avoid losing traction and hydroplaning during the rainy season is to make sure you have a good set of wet-weather tires.

While you might think that winter tires or all-season tires would be best for wet weather, the best choice is surprisingly high-performance summer tires. They offer the best balance between tread and contact patch. Plus, summer tires use a stickier rubber compound than all-weather tires, which helps give them superior traction.

Along with selecting the right tires, there are other factors to consider for wet weather performance. You need to ensure that your tires have enough tread depth. Tread that is too shallow will lead to slick tires and dangerous driving conditions.

Tire pressure is another important detail to keep an eye on. When it drops too low, water can pool underneath your tires and lead to hydroplaning. If it’s is too high, less of the tire will have direct contact with the ground, meaning you will have less of a grip on the road.

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