The Importance of Getting a Tire Rotation

Tire Rotation | Woodbridge, VA

Whether or not you’re new to car ownership, you’re probably aware of common service needs like getting an oil change and filling up your tires. However, you might not be familiar with other important services like tire rotations. That’s why the service experts at Lustine Toyota have put together key information about what a tire rotation is and why it is vital for your car.

What is a tire rotation?

It’s understandable to be confused about tire rotations when you first hear about them. A tire’s whole job is to rotate, so why should you pay to have it done? However, rotating your tires actually means changing their position on your car by moving them to different wheels.

Why rotate your tires?

Tires wear down unevenly for a lot of reasons, including the conditions of the road and – you guessed it – the location of your tires on your car. In general, your front tires will wear down quicker than your rear tires due to steering forces. To prevent uneven wear from occurring, a tire rotation is a must.

What happens if you don’t rotate?

By rotating your front tires to the back and your rear tires to the front, you can make all four tires last longer. If you don’t rotate, you’ll likely find yourself replacing your front tires more frequently than your rear tires.

To schedule a tire rotation, be sure to call the service department at Lustine Toyota in Woodbridge, Virginia today.

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